Traffic Point System Guidelines

If you are a driver in Kentucky, you should be aware of how the Point System works. The Kentucky Point System is designed to keep track of your driving record and identify habitually careless drivers.

Here’s how it works: you start with zero points, but if you commit various driving offenses, you accumulate points. If you reach 12 points within a two-year period (or 7 points if you’re under 18), your driving privileges might be suspended. However, before any suspension happens, you’ll have a chance to meet with a hearing officer to discuss your case.

Points under the point system expire two years from the date of conviction, but the conviction itself remains on your record for five years. This means that while the points may no longer affect your license after two years, the record of the offense stays visible for a longer period.

If you’re 18 or older and you accumulate 12 or more points, or if you’re under 18 and hit 7 points, the Transportation Cabinet will call you in for a hearing to determine the status of your driving privileges. If you fail to appear for this hearing, your license will be automatically suspended: six months for the first time you reach 12 points (or 7 if you’re under 18), one year for the second, and two years for any additional times you reach 12 points within the two-year period.

During the hearing, the Transportation Cabinet might place you on probation instead of suspending your license. This probation usually includes mandatory attendance at a driver improvement clinic, such as State Traffic School. Keep in mind that once you’re placed on probation, you won’t be eligible for probation again until two years have passed since the end of your previous probation period.

Violations and Corresponding Point Value

The court sends a notice to the Division of Driver Licensing every time you commit one of the following violations:

0 10 mph or less over speed limit on limited access highway

0 15 mph or more in commercial motor vehicle (out-of-state conviction-listed as serious offense only-no points)

3 11-15 mph over speed limit on limited access highway

3 15 mph or less over speed limit on any non-limited access highway

3 15 mph over speed limit in CMV (commercial motor vehicle)

3 Stop Violation (electric signal, railroad crossing, stop sign)

3 Failure to Yield

3 Wrong Way on One-Way Street

3 Too Fast for Conditions

3 Too Slow for Conditions

3 Improper Driving

3 Improper Start

3 Improper Turn

3 Failure to Illuminate Headlights

3 Careless Driving

3 Failure to Dim Headlights

3 Improper Lane Usage

3 Improper Use of Left Lane/Limited Access Highway

3 Failure to comply with Instructional Permit Requirements/Regulations

3 Failure to yield right-of-way to Funeral Procession

3 Any Other Moving Hazardous Violations

3 Texting while driving

4 Reckless Driving

4 Following Too Closely

4 Driving on Wrong Side of Roadway

4 Changing Drivers in a Moving Vehicle

4 Vehicle Not Under Control

4 Failure to Yield to Emergency Vehicle

5 Improper Passing

6 16-25 mph over speed limit on any road or highway

6 Commission of Moving Hazardous Violation Involving an Accident

6 Combination of any Two or More Moving Hazardous Violations in Any One Continuous Occurrence

6 Failure to Stop for School or Church Bus

Hearing-Immediate Suspension Attempting to elude police officer

Hearing-Possible Suspension 26 mph over speed limit on any road or highway

Hearing-Possible Suspension Racing

By familiarizing yourself with the Kentucky Point System, you can better understand the consequences of traffic offenses and take steps to maintain your driving privileges. Stay informed and drive safely.

What Should I Do if I Get a Ticket in Jefferson County?

If you are in Jefferson County, and you receive a traffic citation, you should apply to Drive Safe Louisville. It is a convenient online program that allows you to handle certain traffic offenses without getting points on your license or going to court.

Most moving violations allow you to qualify for the program, but the Jefferson County Attorney can still deny applicants based on the seriousness of the violation, criminal record, or number of past violations. If you qualify, then you must pay the $179 administrative fee to participate in Drive Safe Louisville.

The benefits of Drive Safe Louisville are:
– You can complete the program from your home at your own pace
– Your citation is dismissed (no conviction on court record)
– No points are added to your license
– The violation will not affect your driving record for insurance purposes
– You will not have to pay any statutory fines or other expenses
– You will not have to appear in court (as long as you complete the program no less than 72 hours before your court date)

Note that you will not be eligible for Drive Safe Louisville if you were driving without an unrestricted valid license, you were driving without insurance, you have a CDL (commercial driver license), or if you have participated in a county attorney traffic safety program within two years.

Drive Safe Louisville is your best option to resolve a traffic citation in Jefferson County, as it prevents points from being added to your license, and it results in no conviction on your record.

What if I Am Not Eligible for Drive Safe Louisville?

Kentucky State Traffic School is another option that can prevent your license from being suspended. To be eligible:
– Your license must not be suspended at the time you get a citation
– You must have committed a minor traffic violation (convictions with mandatory license suspension are not eligible)
– You cannot have completed State Traffic School in the last 12 months
– You must have a valid Kentucky driver license (out-of-state drivers are ineligible)
– You must be referred by the Kentucky District or Federal court where the violation took place

If you are referred to Kentucky State Traffic School, it becomes a court order. Make sure that you attend traffic school, otherwise your license may be suspended.

You can attend Kentucky State Traffic School either online or in-person:
1. Online: Go to to sign up for the online course. The fee is $37.
2. Classroom: Classes last four hours and are conducted at various times and locations throughout Kentucky. It can take up to six weeks for you to be scheduled for a class. suspended. The fee is $15. To sign up for the in-person class, call 502-564-1257.
Note: The online and in-person classes provide the same point reduction and license reinstatement benefits as the classroom course.

Kentucky State Traffic School can prevent points on your license from being assessed, but it will not stop the conviction from appearing on your record.