What To Do When You Are Charged With Rape

1. Hire an attorney as soon as possible.
2.  Preserve all evidence:

–  physical evidence related to the alleged victim, items such as photos, bar tabs, credit card  receipts, phone records, videos, finger prints, clothes
–  preserve emails, text messages
–  identify witnesses- anyone who can support your version

Do not:
–  call the alleged victim
–  talk to the police
–  agree to give any samples of your bodily fluids

I have handled 18 rape cases.  I have never lost a rape case.  More so than a drug case, theft crime, DUI or even most murder cases, it is absolutely crucial to begin your investigation as soon as you suspect a rape charge is coming.  Your attorney must:

–  explore every fact, circumstances and issue to determine whether the ‘victim’ is lying or mistaken.
–  does the victim have a history of vindictive behavior towards former lovers or men in general.
–  put together a good alibi defense.
–  challenge the government’s forensic evidence.
–  collect and preserve forensic evidence.

You do not want to defend yourself.  You need a specialized lawyer.  There is little room to plea bargain a sex crime, especially a rape indictment.  Most plea bargains will require that you register for life as a sex offender.  The sex offender registry will destroy your chance to get a decent job and the government will tell you where you can live.  The sad fact is anyone can accuse you of a sex crime.  It takes very little ‘actual evidence’ for the government to obtain a rape or sex abuse indictment.  It takes even less evidence for a prosecutor to obtain an indictment for sodomy.  Depending on the particulars of your case, I can assemble a defense to include forensic experts, DNA experts and private investigator .  A thorough investigation is critical to win your case.