Bond Release in Kentucky (ROR)

Upon arresting a citizen the police officer is required to deliver the arrestee to the county jail.  After initial processing at the jail the arrestee is interviewed by a ‘pretrial officer.’  Pretrial services operates in all 120 Kentucky Counties Pretrial Services is open seven days a week twenty-four hours a day.  Pretrial officers are mandated to conduct an interview and investigation of all person arrested on bailable offenses within twenty-four hours of his or her arrest.  The interviews and investigations are voluntary and confidential.  They are conducted at the jail.  As a part of the interview pretrial officers screen the arrestee for alcohol abuse, intoxicating drug abuse and mental health issues.  The pretrial officer conducts a thorough criminal history check.  The pretrial officers prepare a validated risk assessment that measures flight risk, anticipated criminal conduct, contacts to the community the risk assessment classifying the arrestee as low, moderate, or high risk.  The recommendation of the pretrial officer is a part of a report the district or circuit judge relies or when setting bond or considering Release on Own Recognizance (ROR).