Personal Injury

I will help get your life back in order. Insurance companies are tough on claims. They are not fair. I will help you get the compensation you deserve.

Injury cases can be complicated. I explain issues in clear and simple terms. I achieve positive results from initial negotiations up and through trial.

There is no out-of-pocket cost to you . I am paid only if I earn a settlement, or verdict.

I handle such cases including:

– Auto and Truck Accident Cases

– Wrongful Death

– Medical Malpractice

– Slip and Fall

– Construction and other workplace incidents

– Premises Liability

Call me to discuss your case. I make home  and hospital visits.

2012 Cases


A young woman who was injured when she drove through an intersection on Shelbyville Road against a yellow light. A car travelling in the opposing lane attempted to merge onto a side street and the two cars collided. My client suffered collapsed lungs, clavicle fracture, and knee injury. She was hospitalized for three days and spent two months in outpatient rehabilitation. I filed suit and the case was settled for $110,000.00.

A 52 year old woman who was a passenger in a car rear-ended by a plumbing company truck. She suffered a closed head injury, collapsed lungs and sprained shoulder. She was unemployed at the time of the crash and was receiving full disability payment. Suit was filed and after a prolonged litigation was settled for $510,000.00.

Teenage boy was killed in head-on collision on interstate after car in opposing traffic hydroplaned in rain and crossed median. Settled for policy limits of $750,000.00.

I represented a housewife who fell at a Jiffy Lube when exiting her car. She suffered a herniated lumbar disc. She had extensive history of low back problems which included a prior fusion surgery. Settled claim one month before trial for $100,000.00.

Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio

I represented a 32 year old mother who received a misfiled prescription. She took three doses of the prescription and slipped into a drug induced coma for three days. She was released from hospital after four days and fully recovered in 30 days. Case settled for $225,000.00.