Firearm offenses and handgun crimes cause arrests and lead to indictments.  The  lawyers at Louisville  Firearms and criminal defense attorney are experienced  in bond reductions, help in setting bond  ,posting bond and getting handgun released and firearms released In Louisville and in surrounding  counties. After you are arrested the case can be dismissed on evidentiary grounds. Even dismissals can led to indictments. An indictment is a formal charging document resulting from case submission to the Jefferson County Grand Jury. Grand jury proceeding are one sided or  ex-parte proceedings. If the police or commonwealth want to indict you, you will be indicted . Law enforcement jokes  “they could indict a ham sandwich”. If an indictment occurs after dismissal from district court preliminary hearing the Commonwealth successfully “picked up the Case”. This  called  the case went to  grand jury or “upstairs ‘which can be reference to the ca going up the elevators  or escalator in Oldham county, district and Bullitt county district   the   grand jury  resides in the  same  physical  building as the circuit courts . Clients often tell me  “Kentucky is a Commonwealth state, since Kentucky is a Commonwealth state I will be indicted. “ I hear this frequently from clients. This is no legal difference regarding personal constitutional, statutory rights, gun rights, and Commonwealth firearm laws. Indictment procedures between a Commonwealth state and other states. Virginia along with Kentucky and Pennsylvania are considered Commonwealth states .Illegal searches   are forbidden in Commonwealth states. Police seize illegal guns, controlled substance, drug paraphernalia , large  sums of money in searches in violation of constitution right set forth by Kentucky Commonwealth Jurisprudence. You must suppress evidence seized in illegal unconstitutional searches. Super lawyers are depicted on television and movies as super heroes.  Best lawyers in Commonwealth states are describes as Super lawyers , the best attorney or super attorneys, the best of the best lawyers in Kentucky Many super heroes have AV rating from Martindale Hubble because  of not guilty verdict, acquittals, and  just being best lawyer in Jefferson County Kentucky.