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I will not be outworked. When I meet a client I ask him or her what outcome he or she expects. We discuss the probability of achieving the desired outcome and the possible approaches. Since 1988 as a defense lawyer I have represented 1000′s of people in criminal cases. I have 25 years of courtroom experience and a history of winning at trial and through settlement. I handle all types of criminal defense law cases including murder, conspiracy, reckless endangerment, gun charges, criminal mischief, vandalism, assault with a deadly weapon, domestic abuse, sex crimes, rape, sexual assault, date rape, child molestation, child sexual abuse, firearms charges, child pornography, solicitation, possession of methamphetamine, possession of crack cocaine, wanton endangerment, theft,, misdemeanors, felonies, drug possession, possession with intent to sell, and drug trafficking, juvenile offenses, assault and battery, burglary, robbery, property damage, embezzlement, fraud, identity theft, bad checks, DUI and many others. If you have been charged with a crime  — call my cell phone now.

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Client Reviews

Hands down the best lawyer around. He was willing to take on a last minute case and dropped everything to do it! He was compassionate and made what was a living hell into a favorable situation.
Chistopher Hicks
John Olash is not just a great lawyer, he is by all means a representation of the Unbridled Spirit of Kentucky. He represents my entire family in all legal matters. We trust and truly love John's dedication in service for over 20 yrs. Thank you for all you've done on ...
Susie Coleman
If you want a lawyer that will actually talk to you and sit around the office and give you as much time as you need and not rush you out of the door as soon as he has your check in hand -- hire John Olash.
Chris C.
I have dealt with the legal system for fifteen years and dealt with several attorneys but John Olash is by far the best. I highly recommend him!
Jihad M.
John Olash is an excellent attorney. First time having legal issues and he made time to answer any questions I had and was always just a phone call away. Very professional and knows his stuff! Recommend with no hesitation. Thanks for everything, John!
M. H.

In criminal defense cases, my clients have benefited from dismissals and acquittals for charges including DUI, murder, theft, child abuse, distribution of child pornography, gun charges, drug offenses and many others. I have handled over 100 jury trials. In law school I clerked for legendary attorney Frank Haddad. After law school I worked as a defense lawyer in the Louisville Public Defender’s Office. At the Public Defender’s office I handled a caseload three times the caseload recommended by the American Bar Association. I conducted countless hearings. I am the only defense lawyer in Kentucky to successfully try two circuit court jury trials at the same time. Only 6 of the 100 plus jury trials I handled resulted in an appeal. Two of those six losses were reversed by the Kentucky Supreme Court or Kentucky Court of Appeals.

Whether you are facing serious criminal charges, have a DUI or have been injured by the negligence of others, the selection of a criminal defense lawyer is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. I realize that your outcome depends on my dedication. I handle every case personally. Even though my practice emphasizes serious matters, every legal issue will receive careful consideration. Whatever your situation is, call me. If I cannot help you, I will refer you to a lawyer who can.

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How The Criminal Court Systems Works- The Basics

If you watch courtroom dramas or CSI on television, you may think you have an accurate understanding of how the criminal court system works. However, real courtroom cases are very different.  It’s more akin to a government-run assembly line.

  1. The criminal court system starts with an arrest. You will be searched for anything illegal or dangerous.  The police search for weapons, drugs, and associated paraphernalia. You will be transported to jail, where you will be fingerprinted and photographed.
  2. The police are likely to ask for permission to search your car and home. If they have a search warrant, they do not need your permission. There is no penalty for refusing to permit a search. Only a judge can make the final determination if a search is legal. There is no reason to help the police. Remember, your refusal to consent to a search cannot be used against you.
  3. The police investigate and gather evidence. You cannot talk your way out of being arrested or investigated.  You should be quiet and let your lawyer do the talking.
  4. Within a short period of time (72 hours is common) after your arrest, a judge will do several things:
  • Provide you written copy of the criminal complaint against you. • Explain the crime you are accused of committing. • Provide you with time to hire an attorney or appoint you an attorney, if you cannot afford one. • Explain plea options to you.
  1. Assuming you enter a plea of not guilty, you may be released, released on bond (if you can pay) or held without bond. A pre-trial or a trial date will be set.
  2. Until your trial, the police and the prosecutor will investigate and prepare for the trial. Your lawyer will do the same for you. Cooperate fully with your lawyer and avoid talking to anyone about your case.  Remember that the police may question your friends and your family.
  3. A plea bargain is frequently reached before the trial. Just because there is a trial date does not mean there will be a trial. It is possible the case will be dropped, depending on what information is discovered during the investigation process.
  4. The order of a jury trial is:
  • Jury Selection • Opening Statements • Prosecution Case • Defense Case • Closing Argument • Jury instructions (if a jury trial) • Deliberations and verdict.
  1. Outcome: Depending on the verdict, you can be found guilty, not guilty, or a mistrial can be declared. In the case of a mistrial, a new trial date will be set. If the jury returns a guilty verdict, the judge will later impose a sentence

The criminal court system differs from the portrayal shown on TV. Make yourself aware of the basics. Your attorney is trained in the details. The trial process has specific procedures and rules that must be followed. While some people attempt to represent themselves in court, the results are often disastrous.  Hire Criminal Defense Lawyers who can really help!

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