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Can I legally own a gun? Can I legally carry a concealed firearm?

Kentucky does not require citizens to obtain a gun permit for either ownership or possession. KY law does not require that gun owners register their gun or obtain a gun license. However if you purchase a gun from a federal firearm dealer, which is basically any gun shop, you will have to complete a gun application and undergo a criminal history background check . The federal application will have a section that you must complete that asks you about mental health issues, depression, suicide and treatment with psychiatrists and psychologists . There is also question regards your history on protective orders , EPOs ,DVOs and ,domestic violence convictions and felony convictions. You will also be asked if you are a drug user . If you apply for a gun and ATF or any federal law enforcement has reason to believe you were not honest in filling out the application you will get charged in either state court or federal court with submitting a fraudlent firearm application. That is a felony offense and carries one to five years in the state pen. Open Carry is legal in Kentucky. Kentucky is a Constitutional Carry State. This means you do not need a special gun license to carry a concealed gun in public. You must be 21 years old and have no special gun restrictions However, you should get a Carrying Concealed Deadly Weapon License in KY if you want to enjoy reciprocity in sister states. An added bonus to getting your Concealed Carry permit is the permit also allows you to conceal knives, clubs, blackjacks, ball of death, nunchaku, brass knuckles, boom sticks and skull J crushers. To get a KY Carrying Concealed permit you must be a Kentucky resident. The written test is so easy it is comical. Be advised that most businesses that sell alcohol will prohibit you from concealing a firearm on their property. KY is a castle doctrine state. This means if you are attacked you a have no duty to retreat as long as you had a legal right to be where you are. Kentucky law does not require that you retreat. You can stand your ground. While traveling on KY interstates you can legally carry you concealed firearm in the rest stops and state parks. While travelling you must keep the gun in the glove compartment ,center console or seat pocket or trunk. DO Not store the gun under the seat. The gun must be stored in a compartment installed by the car manufacturer. The compartment does not need to have a lock. If you sell a gun or buy a gun from a private individual there is no need for a criminal background check or gun application. The bottom line is KY IS gun state . We oppose gun registration because we do not want Uncle Sam knowing how many and what type of gun each person has. Only six states ,and Washington DC have gun registration. But only Hawaii requires that all guns be registered. Would Gun registration help the police track gun and solve gun crimes? Since when do criminals register their firearms.
Enjoy your Second Amendment Right and remember — Happiness is a warm gun!