If you are charged with a serious crime you must hire a lawyer who has trial experience. While it is true most cases  do not actually “go to  trial “, you should retain a lawyer capable of presenting a defense before  a jury in the event the case  does go to trial. You should realize prosecutors and judges are keenly aware of which defense lawyers try cases and which lawyers do not try cases. If you hire a lawyer who has never jury tried a case it is unlikely the prosecutor will offer you a favorable plea bargain. All prosecutors know the lawyers who are scared to try a case. Prosecutors are endowed with power. Prosecutors have big egos. Prosecutors are measured by their trial success. Prosecutors work closely every single day with tough cops and career detectives. Prosecutors do not like to lose. All law enforcement understand that an experienced trial lawyer is a dangerous adversary. The lawyer with a history of acquittals is capable of not only winning but he threatens to embarrass the prosecution in open court.  Prosecutors label the lawyer who will not go to trial as a Dump Truck Attorney. A Dump Truck Attorney would rather sell out his client than face a jury. These lawyers routinely persuade their clients to plead guilty despite having a winning case. In fact, it is no secret that a huge segment of the criminal defense bar includes lawyers who claim to be trial lawyers but have never tried a single case. Judges, police, clerks, defense lawyers and of course, prosecutors know which defense lawyers will cave in and convince their clients to take a plea bargain even when the prosecutor’s case is weak. How do you make sure you hire a lawyer who has experience in both trying cases and winning jury trials?  Lawyers who have little or no trial experience will never admit this embarrassing fact.  No lawyer will ever tell a potential client “I’ve been practicing law for 18 years and I have only tried three cases.  A lawyer will never admit this because a potential client facing serious charges would not hire a lawyer whose trial experience consists of only three trials in 18 years.  Clients should ask prospective lawyers tough question before deciding to hire the lawyer. Ask the prospective lawyer to tell you about his most recent trial. What kind of case was it? Who was the prosecutor? What judge presided over the case? Ask the lawyer if he knows the prosecutor who is handling your case. Ask the lawyer to show you copies of Jury Instructions and Jury Verdict Orders .You can even request a video copy of the lawyer’s most recent trial.  If the lawyer is as experienced as he claims he is, the lawyer will give you client referrals regarding former clients who actually won at trial.  Here is a list of lawyers I have witnessed in trial. These lawyers have a proven track record of winning serious cases through jury trials.

LOUISVILLE                       Robert Eggert

Steven Romines

John Olash

Greg Butrim

Patrick Renn

Nick Boggs

Darren Wolf

Lexington                          Tucker Richardson

Christopher  Spedding

Owensboro                     Bryce Caldwell

Dan Carman

Shepherdsville                 John Cook

Richmond                         Jerry William Gilbert

Bowling Green                 Dwight Burton

Paducah                            Matt Schalk